Bright Sparks work experience

We offer one week's work experience for year 12 students in our London office.

Learn something new every day

Bright Sparks provides an insightful opportunity to gain work experience and be mentored through the business of the legal world. It is suitable for those who want to pursue a career in law, but also provides valuable experience for those interested in human resources, IT, marketing & business development, and accounts.


What you'll be doing

During your time with us, you can expect to take part in a variety of workshops, a 1:1 CV clinic and a mock interview – all of which will help you develop your skills and take ownership of your future.

You'll also take part in a group project during your time with us, working together with other students on the Bright Sparks work experience programme.

You'll be finding out what you do well and learn what you can do better whilst boosting your CV and career prospects.

Lunches will be provided and reasonable travel expenses will be paid.


"Stephenson Harwood fascinated me – every day was a unique experience, as I met so many inspiring members of staff and worked alongside a practising lawyer. My time at Stephenson Harwood not only provided me with an insight into a law career, and the many facets of law I was previously unfamiliar with, but inspired me to excel and achieve my ambition to work in such a prestigious law firm."

Bright Sparks student


What we look for

We're looking for enthusiastic and open-minded students to join our Bright Sparks programme. Students who want to get stuck in and try new things. To be eligible, students also need to meet the following criteria:

  • Attend a state (non-fee paying) school;
  • Are school age students in year 12;
  • Are eligible to work in the UK; and
  • Are or have been eligible for free school meals (or where this information is difficult or sensitive to obtain, the participant attends a school that is significantly above the regional average in terms of number of students eligible for free school meals); or
  • Would be of the first generation in their immediate family to attend university


There are only 10 places, so make sure the form is as well-prepared as possible!

Please complete our online application form.

To find out more about our Bright Sparks programme download our careers guide below.

Application dates

Applications open: 1 January 2023

Applications close: 31 March 2023


Amir Mahdavi, trainee solicitor

Law, Queen Mary University


Paulina Corbetis, trainee solicitor

Law, Cambridge University


Manon Sel, trainee solicitor

International Development and European Politics, Leeds University


Geon Sik Kang, trainee solicitor

Law, London School of Economics

Inside story

Why we're committed to our Bright Sparks work experience programme

by Sarah Murray, future talent manager