Top Tips For Amberjack

by Anna Rowles, future talent adviser

Thinking of applying for one of our roles? We ask all candidates who are applying for a training contract or placement scheme to complete our Amberjack assessment.

Amberjack is an interactive assessment that explores your grit and determination, your willingness to embrace our digital reality and your ability to apply creativity to solve various problems.


What should you expect?

When starting the assessment, there will be an introduction to explain the instructions and format of the assessment. The assessment doesn’t require any prior knowledge or expertise. There is no time limit for the assessment, and we suggest you have a calculator, paper and pen to hand.

Immediately after the interactive assessment, there will be four video interview questions for you to complete. These are standard interview questions that will assess your motivation for applying to the role and why you would be a good fit for Stephenson Harwood.

Once you have completed this interactive assessment, you will receive a feedback report to help you understand how you performed and some hints and tips for you on how to improve further in the future.


Anna, our future talent adviser, has provided some top tips to help you prepare for the Amberjack assessment.

1) Preparation is key

Whilst there is nothing you particularly need to do to prepare for the assessment, we would like to get to know you and hear your honest responses to the different situations within the assessment. There is no requirement for previous experience in law or business, and we are not testing your knowledge of the law, rather your potential to be a successful solicitor in the future.

It would be helpful to practice before completing the assessment and you can use the Stephenson Harwood practice test. This will give you an idea of the assessment and the questions included.


2) Take your time

There is no time limit for the assessment, so spend time considering each answer and revisit the assessment at a later time if you would like to.

After the assessment you will be asked to take part in a video interview. You can choose to complete this straight away or, if you are not in a suitable environment, then close the test and come back to it when you are ready. There is no time limit to prepare your answer once you have seen each question, so take your time to consider the information you would like to convey. We want to get to know you so try to relax and be yourself!


3) Choose a suitable location

You will be given one week to complete the assessment. Try and choose a location where you feel comfortable and can concentrate. A quiet location like a library or study space might be a good option. You will not be required to speak during the assessment but will need to answer questions verbally for the four video interview questions.


4) Check your tech

The assessment can be completed on a variety of devices and a 'tech check' will be run by Amberjack when you first start to make sure everything is displaying correctly. We recommend doing the check to make sure everything works before beginning the assessment.


If you require any adjustments for this assessment, please contact the Future Talent Team ( and we would be more than happy to talk this through in more detail to see how best we can support you.