How to get the most out of your placement scheme

by Sarah Murray, future talent manager


You've got the placement! Now, it's time to get stuck into the world of work. Who better to give you the low down on how to make the most of your time with us than Sarah Murray, our future talent manager.

1. Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm goes such a long way – we always remember the people who get stuck in and offer to help out with tasks.

2. Ask questions

We're impressed by those who ask thoughtful and considered questions.

3. Clarify instructions

If you're not sure what you've been asked to, it's always better to ask and make sure you understand the task fully.

4. Be responsible for yourself

It's down to you to make the most of your time here – if you have time to spare, speak to your supervisor or buddy and find out what else you can be doing.

5. Stay organised

Listen carefully to instructions and note down important meetings, dates and deadlines to help you manage your time effectively. Always take a pen and paper with you.

6. Get feedback

We offer everyone on our placement scheme the opportunity to receive feedback – if you take this up, you'll be able to recognise your own strengths and think about how you can challenge yourself for the future. This is really important, regardless of where you go or what you do next.

7. Reflect

Think about what you enjoyed and perhaps what you didn't enjoy so much. This will really help you when you consider which area of law you might be keen to get more experience in for the future.

Finally, just remember that legal work experience is a two-way process – one of the key reasons you're doing a placement is to get a sense of whether the firm is right for you. If you're completing your placement with us, we look forward to meeting you soon. Find out more about our placement schemes.