Apprentice insight

by Emma Taylor and Bonnie Fitch, paralegal apprentices

Stephenson Harwood office atrium windows

We sat down with Emma Taylor and Bonnie Fitch to find out why they became apprentices at Stephenson Harwood.

Why did you choose the apprentice route?

Emma: I chose the apprentice route because of the future prospects. I believe an apprenticeship presents a platform for a long term career and I'm able to specialise as a paralegal and gain knowledge which will specifically enable me to develop in this role. An apprenticeship enables me to learn and develop my knowledge within a top law firm in the heart of London; gathering hands-on experience directly from experts in this field. It also means I can begin my career, earn money and gain life experience at the same time.

Bonnie: I was excited by the idea of working in a legal environment, while having the opportunity to develop my knowledge of the law further through studying as an apprentice.

How did you find the application and interview process?

Bonnie: I was very impressed by the application and interview process at Stephenson Harwood as I was made to feel welcome throughout the whole process. The application process was simple and involved me sending off my CV, while the assessment day consisted of two interviews and a written task. The atmosphere at the firm during the assessment day was one that I immediately knew I could see myself working in. The interviewers and staff members who helped me were very friendly and welcoming and it was obvious that they wanted us to be ourselves and do our best. After our interviews, we had the opportunity to have lunch and meet with existing paralegals at the firm. This was an invaluable experience that enabled us to find out more about what it's like to work for a professional firm and made me feel that I would really enjoy being a part of Stephenson Harwood.

Emma: The application was online and required the completion of several questions. I then took part in a telephone interview and a week later I received a phone call inviting me to the assessment day. On the assessment day I felt anxious, but when I arrived everyone was really welcoming. Overall the application and interview process was challenging yet enjoyable!

Why did you choose to apply to Stephenson Harwood?

Bonnie: Stephenson Harwood stood out to me as being a well-organised and well-respected law firm. Throughout school, when thinking about my future career, I had always seen myself joining a firm like Stephenson Harwood and attending their assessment day consolidated my views that this would be somewhere I would enjoy working and would fit in.

Emma: I chose to apply to Stephenson Harwood because of the great reputation the firm has both for its friendly work environment and the excellent service it delivers. Stephenson Harwood's core values of individuality, team work, commitment and straight talking particularly resonated with me. Another reason Stephenson Harwood appealed to me is because it enables the opportunity to work within a diverse working environment alongside a high calibre of legal professionals.

What are you looking forward to doing as an apprentice?

Bonnie: I'm looking forward to working with and learning from experts in different areas of law. I'm excited at having the opportunity to apply my knowledge to real cases and I'm also looking forward to learning areas of the law more in-depth. Studying with BPP University will allow me to gain knowledge that I can put towards a qualification and utilise in my work at Stephenson Harwood.

Emma: I'm looking forward to being able to work as a member of a close knit team, assisting on a range of tasks, as well as being able to gain skills and knowledge from experienced members of my team, gaining a wider insight in to more complex legal knowledge. In particular, I'm looking forward to being a valued member of a team, entrusted to engage in tasks such as assisting with the opening and closing of files.

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