Applying for placements: six top tips

by Sarah Murray, future talent manager

Employees in lift

Thinking of applying for a placement scheme? Here are our top six tips for success.

1. Tailor your application to the firm you're applying to

You're going to be applying for more than one placement scheme – but that doesn't mean you should copy and paste the same information into each application. Research the firm and think about what specifically interests you about the firm and make sure you include this in your application.

2. Include details of non-legal experience

You might think that the volunteering or job you did last summer isn't relevant but it can demonstrate that you've considered other career options, picked up transferable skills or gained understanding of a particular sector. It also makes you stand out from other candidates.

3. Think about where you've gone beyond the usual

Highlight situations where you have made a contribution beyond what you would expect from a student – where you've made improvements or taken responsibility, for example.

4. Include situations where you've worked in a team

Provide details of when you have successfully contributed to a team as an individual and how you helped the team work together collaboratively.

5. Take time to explain any gaps in your application form

If you've taken time out – for travel, to learn a language or due to illness – you should include this in your application form.

6. Make sure your written English is professional and accurate

It may be useful to draft your application, then review it the next day to check for errors. Don't forget to spell the name of the firm correctly and avoid informal language.

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